Students’ assignment, in the context of the course LEUSL2112 – Economic & Monetary Union, will require the creation or modification of a Wikipedia page on a topic related to inclusiveness and digital issues.

The aim of this activity is to raise students’ awareness on the EU’s un-muting power through Wikipedia.

This teaching activity will focus on two of the five disruptive challenges identified in the EUNMUTE project:

  • EU social and economic inclusiveness and
  • Safeguarding individual digital rights (i.e. data protection and privacy).

This activity builds on and amplifies a past successful pedagogical experiment.

Why ?

Writing Wikipedia articles is an effective pedagogical tool for a European Political Economy class as it offers several potential learning outcomes.

One of the main pedagogical goals of this activity is to teach students how to evaluate sources critically. Wikipedia articles must be backed up by reliable sources, and students will need to learn how to assess the credibility and relevance of these sources to ensure the accuracy of their articles. This process requires students to engage with a wide range of texts, to analyze and evaluate their content, and to develop a critical perspective on the material.

Another goal of writing Wikipedia articles is to develop research skills. Students will need to locate, analyze, and synthesize information from a variety of sources to create a comprehensive and accurate article. This process involves conducting literature reviews, identifying gaps in the literature, and integrating new information with existing knowledge.

Additionally, writing for Wikipedia can also help students develop their writing skills. By writing for a public audience, students must learn to communicate complex ideas in a clear, concise, and engaging way. They must also learn to use appropriate language and style to ensure that their articles are accessible to a wide range of readers.

Finally, writing Wikipedia articles can also promote collaboration and community engagement. Students will need to work together to create or improve an article, relying on each other’s skills and knowledge. They will also need to engage with the Wikipedia community, which can provide feedback, support, and guidance throughout the writing process.

This year, the outcome was


articles edited

20 000+

words added


references added

159 000+


Do not hesitate to take a look at a part of the students’ work on the following Wikipedia pages :

Student’s Testimonials

“L’exercice de groupe sur Wikipédia était innovant, nous a permis de constamment nous améliorer et de partager nos recherches à plus grande échelle.”

 “L’exercice Wikipédia m’a permis d’aborder un cours de manière différente et de faire un exercice totalement nouveau.”

“Le mode d’apprentissage était très ludique, j’ai adoré écrire un article Wikipédia. Je trouve la démarche très intelligente: au lieu de critiquer la source le professeur a choisi de l’améliorer.”