Privacy Camp

Privacy Camp is an annual conference organised by EDRI and held in association to CPDP. The event brings together digital rights advocates, activists as well as academics and policy-makers from all around Europe and beyond to discuss the most pressing issues facing human rights online.

This year, Privacy Camp reflected on :

  • How do digital technologies feed into and foster the multiple crises we inhabit?
  • What do we need to consider when approaching the digital as a critical resource that we should nurture, so as to promote and protect rights and freedoms?
“EDRI Privacy Camp 23 Brussels” © Omar Havana. All Rights Reserved (Licensed under CC BY 4.0)

After a couple years discussing through our screens, we were delighted to finally meet again and bring together +200 participants in person. And let’s not forget the +600 participants who joined us online !

This year’s event took place on 25th January 2023 in La Tricoterie, rue Théodore Verhaegen 158.

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You can access a PDF version of the programme here.

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If you missed the event or want a reminder of what happened in a session, summaries of the session and video recordings have been put together and are now accessible here.

Looking forward to the next edition !

Privacy Camp 11th edition was organised in collaboration with VUB-LSTS, Privacy Salon vzw and the Institute for European Studies at USL-B.